“Setting It Up Right” – Loading Useful Extensions into Pharo

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Ok, so this section turns out to be much shorter than I expected. I mostly wanted to write about installing OmniBrowser, which is an extension/rewrite of the system-provided code editors in Squeak/Pharo. It adds all sorts of nifty icons and helpful behaviors (such as right-click on a method and be able to see its Senders and Implementors), and is a great package. And I wanted to point out that it’s kind of indispensable (at least I found it so), which is I why I would want to side-track a simple Hello World tutorial with the explanation of how to install it.

However, it turns out that OmniBrowser already comes pre-installed on the Seaside One Click Pharo image. And my adventures in trying to install it come from plain Squeak, of several years ago.

Same thing with code code coloring/syntax highlighting, and code auto-completion – installed out of the box (again, I used to have to install it manually).

With the time we saved not setting things up, it’s time to actually start learning Smalltalk syntax. For those few who are actually learning Smalltalk (or refreshing their memories after a long absense), I highly recommend diving right into the excellent free online book, Pharo By Example, and taking it from page 1.

Next up, a simple Seaside Hello World running on your desktop.

2 thoughts on ““Setting It Up Right” – Loading Useful Extensions into Pharo

  1. Learning Smalltalk turned out to be the easy part. There’s tons of resources for this at the library and online. But so little about dealing with environmental issues because there’s no standard one. I would love to see you actually finish this part for Squeak. I flagged it in my RSS feed and was pretty disappointed when I came back that you just dismissed it and pointed everyone to the one-click image. Whenever I’ve tried to do things like this for myself, I always wind up getting strange errors from Monticello/Metacello, get frustrated, and go back to my minimal setup, so I can get something done. Thanks for the blog. Cheers.

    • Ok, fair enough. I did dismiss the matter too quickly. I promise I will come back to this subject and revisit it for plain Squeak, when I finish this series of posts. Thanks for pointing it out.

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