This is a blog on web development, written by Dmitri Zagidulin, focusing on Seaside (a web development framework written in Smalltalk), NoSQL key/value stores such as Riak, and other unorthodox web technologies.

Personal Goals

Here’s what I want, what I’m working towards (and why I started this blog):

  1. To get myself, and the Seaside framework, to the point where it is the perfect choice for fast exploratory development of complex/difficult web applications. That means, raising my skills and knowledge of Seaside, but also improving the framework and its documentation where I can.
  2. To provide clarity and guidance for others who are learning Smalltalk and Seaside. That means answering questions, creating tutorials, reviewing libraries and packages, sharing tips and errors.
  3. To increase awareness of Seaside and Smalltalk in the web development community as a whole, and to spread its popularity.

How You Help

Comment. Tell me when you disagree, or when you find a post helpful. Suggest topics for future posts. Link me to packages and libraries you’d like me to review.

Upcoming Post Topics

  • Logging in, user authentication and user management
  • Databases and Persistence options for Seaside
  • Source control and package management
  • Unit testing and TDD for Seaside
  • Form validation and sanitization
  • Social Media APIs – RSS, Facebook, Twitter
  • Error logging

Note: This blog comes with Free Tech Support. If you try out any of the code or tutorials on this site, and you can’t get it to work, or have any kind of questions, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you. I care about this stuff, and I want your code to work!