In Progress

Some Smalltalk-related things I’ve been involved with lately:

  1. Phriak – a Pharo Smalltalk driver for the Riak distributed NoSQL database. (The project is also mirrored at SmalltalkHub at!/~gokr/Phriak). I’m the current maintainer of the project, and have gradually been adding new features to get the driver to Riak 1.4 feature parity. Riak 2.0 feature support (full text search, server-side data types, etc) coming up next!
  2. I’ve been helping with editing of the Updated Pharo by Example book, which updates the original PBE book to work with Pharo version 4.
  3. Earlier this spring, I’ve watched with interest the release of Pharo 4 (and even submitted bug reports and tested fixes).
  4. This past weekend, I attended Camp Smalltalk Ottawa 2015. Some great presentations (Reg Krock is working on some interesting projects, like hooking up the Oculus Rift API to Smalltalk, as well as a custom Smalltalk virtual machine that runs on Android), and a good discussion on promoting Smalltalk at large.